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New Screenplay "Serendipitous" Arrives

CampusFilms Studios April 2017

The new screenplay for our next short film, "Serendipitous" has been completed. Filming begins June, 2017 in New York City. 

CampusFilms Studios Launches It's New Website

CampusFilms Studios October 2016

Our new website is now active! Check it out and tell us what you think.

Filming "The Last Departure" In the Bear Paw Mountains Of Montana

Jorge R Olivo July 2015

A 1500 dollar buget, 6 days to shoot, no grips, no crew, one camera, three lenses, and a will to change the industry. One of the hardest projects I have ever taken part of, "The Last Departure", CampusFilms Studios' first independent film and my directorial debut. 


It started with a simple story, slowly crafted and molded by the darkness of my surroundings. And as if by fate, as I began my chapter in the remote outskirts of a railroad town, I met a retired producer. Mrs. Kristen Rohrer took me, an inexperienced ametaur film maker and showed me the pitfalls of the industry. To be honest with you, I immediately felt like such a rookie. I was humbled by the reality of what I was about to undertake. Determined to make this film the best that I could posibly make it, I began to engulf myself in film knowledge. I read 3 new film making books in 2 weeks and poured myself all over. Ingesting every bit of information and film making tips. Eventually taking my film knowledge to the next level. But I would learn the most from the hands on experience I gained when the filming began on April 7th.