Director:  Jorge R Olivo

Assistant DirectorNat King Cole

Screenwriter:  Jorge R Olivo 

Genre:  Short Drama

Cast: Marsha-Ann Hay, Nathan Norrington, Taneara Neverson, Jonathan Eddy Duran

Two strangers, connected by fate circle around their lives in the big city. Touched by a solitary moment that brought their distinct worlds together for a split second, they experience what fate had in store for them all along.  

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Director:  Jorge R Olivo

Screenwriter:  Jorge R Olivo 

Genre:  Horror (Student Film)

Fear and terror reach Northern Air Base 3, a remote airfield in the north country wilderness. On her last flight of the season, Sarah (Kelli Reynolds) awakens an evil that won't let her escape. The reports of missing people, the stories the natives told over the years. They were all true! Sarah finds out first hand, what happens to people that try to leave this place. CampusFilms Studios' first independent film, "The Last Departure", will keep you on the edge of your seat. Find out what lies in store for her in this thrilling ride.



Directors: TBA

Screenwriter: TBA

Genre: Documentary